Finding gems in Acapella recordings

downloadI’m doing some work on acapella music (I know this isn’t technically correct way of writing this, but it’s certainly the most common, especially on the web) and thought I’d share some of the cool things I found whilst sifting through my data.

First up, here’s just a plain cool recording of Michael Jackson and Vincent Price goofing around when recording the Thriller intro:


Notice they decided to cut the end: “It’s great fun! Great take, cut…all right”. Probably would’ve killed the mood of the track I guess :D

Next, here’s another cool intro, this time from David Bowie. You’ll need to crank up your speakers, but whilst he’s waiting for the verse to start, you can hear him say “a little mouse fart? You went: eh!” and then start slapping his cheeks. You can keep listening until 0:38 to verify that it’s indeed the take that made it to the recording.


Gorillaz added some vocal count-ins to help them out when recording “Feel Good Inc.“: take a listen for “change, change, change, change” (x2) starting around 0:28. I guess they were hungover on that day?! Sounds like Damon Albarn to me. You can actually hear this on the original too, but it’s much clearer here:


To end, here’s a bit of Marvin Gaye. Nothing particularly novel I noticed here, except that with all the instrumentation stripped away you can really hear how great his voice is! Audio starts around 0:18:


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