The Colo(u)r Run 2012

Last weekend myself and two friends did ‘The Color Run’! In an attempt to make health and exercise more fun and rewarding, local governments around the US have been funding ‘Fun Runs’ of length 5k around major cities around the country.

The twist is, at every Kilometre checkpoint they have volunteers with powdered (edible, it turns out) paint of a particular colour ready to throw at you! The picture on the left shows us at 3k, suitably covered in blue paint :-) Despite getting up at 5:15 (run started at 8:30 in deepest, darkest Brooklyn) we had great fun! The video below should give you some idea of the good vibes of the day.


I was lucky to get a ticket from someone at Sarah’s work who dropped out at the last minute, as the event sold out in a few hours. Booking for next year’s event strongly encouraged! And finally, in case you were wondering what we looked like by the end of the run:

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