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Various things will appear here, mostly recorded by myself but also perhaps things I’m into. Follow me on soundcloud or twitter to get regular updates, including my #goodpopbadpop blog.

‘Gear Shifter’ Hack

Here’s a quick link to my ‘gear-shifter‘ demo from the NYC hackathon october 2012!

Native American Fable

This is the story of how the Skunk got his stripes, and the Raccoon got his black eyes. It’s told by an expert at Pyramid Lake, Reno, NV in the native language of the Paiute people. In case you’re interested in what he’s saying, here’s a pdf translation!

Stuart Ryan – The Coast Road

The second track I played for Grade 8 acoustic guitar exam. This one’s by UK guitarist Stuart Ryan and unless you’re a fan of his, you probably won’t know it. It’s a nice thoughtful number in E, with a tricky solo outro section. Hope you enjoy!

Van Halen – Jump (Acoustic fingerstyle arrangement by Eric Roche)

Fantastic acoustic arrangement of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’, played by myself for my grade 8 acoustic guitar exam. It’s one of the many fantastic piece’s I got from Guitar Techniques magazine, which basically taught me most of what I now know.

To the left is the original in all its 80′s permed and spandex glory, in case anyone isn’t familiar with it! Quite different from the above version, but it goes to show how a strong melody can be arranged into a number of different playing styles.

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